happiness project: january

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Finally, it's Happiness Project time. Currently I am reading The Happiness Project, as well as listening to Happier at Home in my car, so, needless to say, my head is swirling with ideas of how I want to become happy camper this year. The main message I've taken from Gretchen Rubin's experience is that, essentially, we need to be in a state of growth to be happier. 

I plan on doing a 12-month project like she did, but the thought of planning each month now overwhelms me. Instead (and for now), I'll outline one month at a time. My January looks much like hers did; I like the idea of working to find more energy in the first month.

January (Energy)
Go to sleep earlier: Shut off the light by 10:45.
Work out: Whether it's Zumba, 25 pushups or a walk around the block, do something.
No sugar: Once again, I'm cutting out sugar. I've loved it every other time I've managed to do it, plus my mom is doing it this time!
Use my daybook: Make to-do lists before I go to bed so I can sleep in peace. Check things off the next day.
Tidy up: Before I sleep, tidy up my room. It only takes a few seconds, but it'll keep things nice and orderly.
Don't procrastinate: Tackle tasks (...like homework) right away.
Act the way I want to feel: Like Gretchen, I think it'll benefit me to act more energetic, happy or calm--even if I don't always feel that way. 

There are printouts on The Happiness Project website to help keep track of daily progress, which I'm already using. I think they'll help me remember and feel more accountable, which is a good way to prevent New Year Resolution Abandonment.

If any of you are still posting your resolutions or Happiness Projects, give us the link!


  1. I am all for this as well!! I wish I had the willpower to cut out sugar!! I make lists and it's the best thing I've ever done to not be running around crazy all the time! =)

    Best wishes with your happiness!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. so inspirational! i feel like i need to get working on a project too. maybe after i graduate ill jump on the bandwagon and get started :)

  3. I love this idea! The happiness Project has been on my book list for year now, and the hubs did get it for me for Christmas. As soon as I am finished up reading LIttle Women I will be diving in as well. Hopefully I will find the same inspiration and drive as you have from this book!

    Good luck with your renewed energy! :)

  4. Thank you! This is just what I need!

    Bettina @ www.littleoldsouls.com

  5. what a great project! i like that there's different goals for each month, makes it seem much more accessible. and i need to do the no sugar thing. i've tried it once and i do feel so much better...but then the cookies come calling

  6. I want to start mine too! I was so inspired by her book when I started reading it in September! I am way behind the curve! And I want to cut sugar out too because it's my biggest weakness. Have you heard about the #whole30 challenge? My friend is doing crossfit and the paleo diet- and was trying to get me on it. But I like to run, so I think I'll just do the whole30 diet portion. ;) -Jessica L

  7. love love love the idea of a happiness project. I think I would like to partake in something like this myself. and btw I too feel far better when I don't consume sugar. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  8. Love this! I have been wanting to read that book for literally like 3 years! I need to do it! I just posted my vision board for the upcoming year if you want to take a look! :) Newest follower!