instagram round up

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1. being photo bombed by ale's future husband
2. getting our walk on in the freezing cold 

3. lets just say i'm not the best at bowling...
4. new coffee table that i DIY'd-- thinking about wood burning it next

5. date night at walgreens- find something in the store that represents the other person
6. the most adorable cat in the whole world. her name is lola.

7. pictures of my feet because i am doing #mileaday
8. i have given up on taking outfit pictures outside until winter is over

9. i got the best christmas gift this year
10. this pesto burger is my favorite one in the city

11. rainy chicago day
12. sister and me on new years eve

here are some more insta photos from life the past month or so. i literally (said as chris from parks and rec) can not believe how fast time is moving! on tuesday Michael and I will have been married for 1.5 years. feels like i was just planning the wedding yesterday. i feel so blessed and happy to have the life that I do. 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year already. 



  1. That coffee table is amazing! I would love to make things like that when we have a house (and proper craft stores around) Congrats on a year and a half! It goes by so quick!

  2. You got a microphone for Christmas??? (I think that's what that is!) Great gift.

  3. aren't insta pics just the best! i think the world is a happier place with instagram. :) and yes, this. year. is. flying. by. way. to. fast.


  4. First of all congratulations for your 1.5 year anniversary!
    And second,this burger just looks so yummy!Can`t you get the recipe!Mhhhhmmm!