happiness project wrap-up // january

Monday, January 28, 2013

In case you missed it, here's what my January Happiness Project looked like:

January (Energy)
Go to sleep earlier
Work out
No sugar
Use my daybook
Don't procrastinate
Act the way I want to feel 

The goals behind Happiness Projects are to keep track on a daily basis of the little things that you're trying to change. I printed a schedule to help me see progress, but I started forgetting about two weeks into the month. That habit alone is a job to remember, so that will be a priority for next month. Keep track, otherwise I slack like crazy. 

Some of those goals are hard to measure (don't procrastinate and act the way I feel). They're a bit more abstract, and I didn't feel like I earned very many check marks for those. The others (earlier curfew, working out, no sugar, and using my planner) were much easier to think about and complete during the day, so I was much more successful in those areas. 

The idea behind HP goals is that you add on every month. It's about developing good habits, not just doing something for 30 days and moving on. I'll keep these six habits on my list and in my head, but my priorities will be my new February goals, which I thought would only be fitting to base around love and service. I'll post those soon!

How successful have your new year resolutions been? If you're struggling, I encourage you to make an Excel spreadsheet to keep track, otherwise you can always download the original printables from the Happiness Project website!



  1. Great project!
    I absolutely want to read more about this and of course about your experience.

    I`m still keeping up with my 2013 resolutions,but sometimes,as you say it gets hard!I mostly struggle with not having enough time for everything!And eating 5 times vegetables and/or fruits turnes out to be very hard sometimes,especially when sweet stuff is around!

    I`m looking forward for your Februar goals and if you want to know more about my progress visit my blog!


  2. *Act the way I want to feel.* Yes! I need to write that one everywhere in our house for myself. Awesome.

    PS - It's super fun to see my button over there in your sidebar ... Hooray!