awkward & awesome

Thursday, January 24, 2013

- forgetting to bring my social security card from home on the first day of my new job. how many people really carry those things with them in this age of identity theft being as common as dirt??
- getting an ancient loaner laptop from my employers that works better than my not-so-ancient-one.
- waking up in the morning to a 49 degree room. i swear i saw my breath the other day.
- the first last day of college. excuse me, when is the next holiday?
- when your neighbor asks to share your graphing calculator during a stats quiz. moral dilemma.
- sitting next to the girl on the bus who thought she recognized the guy next to her but turns out she was wrong.
- getting a call from the missionaries to come pick them up, only to drive them another 200 yards to where they were originally headed.
- fitting five missionaries, including two tongans in a toyota camry.
- getting off the bus at the wrong stop but being too prideful to get back on the bus.
- accidentally buying six dollars worth of grapes.
- the introduction of a sunday lesson where the teacher talked for ten minutes how she didn't think anyone in the room with a college education is any smarter than she, who has a very minimal college education.
- realizing half of your followers on instagram still attend school at the junior high.

- having a boyfriend who appreciates good grammar, new toothbrushes, and a clean house even more than i do.
- the last first day of college.
- having a boss as chill as frozone.
- manicotti made with love by grandma.
- abs class on wednesday night. oh how i've missed you.
- finding flea market finds on the facebook indoor garage sale (get ready for some cool diy's).
- remembering the $50 visa card tucked secretly away in my closet.

how has your week been?



  1. love the awesomes what a cute post name! so nice to have grandmas homemade food and cannot wait to see those diys! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  2. i want to know if you ate all the can freeze them you know. it is my favorite summer popsicle. all natural and delicious.

  3. aww this is such a great post and im so happy to have come across your blog :) and def good to know your boyfriend appreciates grammar ha.

  4. The teacher situation would certainly be awkward! I've definitely found that a college education doesn't equal intelligence, though; being educated and being intelligent are very different.

    I have a master's level education, and my husband hasn't even finished his college degree, but he's every bit as intelligent as I am, and much, much *smarter* than many people I know who went to college! Still ... what an awkward situation to be in!

  5. These are my all time favorite posts! You didn't tell me about the missionaries haha!