virginia is for lovers // part 2

Friday, December 21, 2012

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1. The girls and I tried on some rad fur coats at Salvation Army when we were shopping for Halloween costumes.
2. We all ran a 5k (checked off my 22 before 23 list!) with the neighbors. I think it was the first race I've ever run that I actually enjoyed...
3. My aunt made the girls' costumes, how awesome did they turn out?? A cute little witch and Jessie from Toy Story 2, they were definitely the cutest I saw all day.
4. Harley and her husband flew all the way to D.C. to visit me, which was THE BEST. She is the best friend in the world. We toured the White House, Mount Vernon, the Holocaust Museum, and all the monuments in the city.
5. The Washington monument at night is lovely. And the construction at the reflecting pool is finally finished, so we got to recreate the scene from Forrest Gump in our imaginations while we were there. Michael tried to convince us to jump in.
6. My family and I visited quite a few sites, including Antietam, one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War.
7. Unexpectedly, an old love and I rekindled the flame. It hasn't become permanent, but according to my fortune cookie we're headed in a serious direction. Stay tuned. 
8. Fort Washington was interesting. It was staffed for many years to protect the city from river attacks, but they never had to fight. The girls and I thought every room looked like jail.
9. Alaina and I in front of one of the "jail" rooms at Fort Washington. Don't you love her red cowgirl boots? That girl is obsessed with fashion.

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