what jane wore: upside down braid

Friday, November 30, 2012

that little guy is going to take some more practice...

the sudden friction between one foot and the floor that made me stumble and fall during zumba class. the room has wall-to-wall mirrors, so yep. everyone saw.
realizing i was dressed like christina braverman when i walked into neiman marcus yesterday. i'm sorry, but a slouchy sweater and a sports bra just doesn't cut it when you're at the makeup counters with beautiful, classy russian perfume experts.
getting out of the shower to find i left all the towels in the other room.
the 38 emails a day i get now that i signed up on linkedin. i'm thinking that was a mistake.
showing up late and sweaty to a facial appointment.
when the lady doing your facial tells you to break the zit picking habit. thanks, mom.
having 24 tabs up in this browser window. that one is for you, levi.
blowing a fuse due to running the hair dryer and my space heater at the same time.
meeting two girls from germany who asked me to tell them what i can say in german. my phrase of choice was, "do you speak english?" nice.

spinach+berry smoothies for breakfast every morning.
the christmas countdown is on!
wreck-it ralph, GO SEE IT.
morning phone dates with one person in particular.
getting surprise free shipping.
handmade gifts made with love from crafty people.
elsie's e-courses. between harley, my sister, and me, we have all but one.
making new friends at church.
so far...no snow. let's keep it like that until i get home, universe, whaddya say?
snapchats from leah, cady, levi, and my mom.



  1. You are too cute for words! And I know we aren't supposed to pick our zits, but.... i want to anyway. :)

  2. spinach in a smoothie? I can't imagine what that would taste like! A must try! ^^ I'm loving what you did with your hair, too bad I'm already too clumsy to do a normal braid! x

  3. You're the cutest! I've tried that upside down braid and it always looks like my 3 year old niece did it! Have a good weekend!

    xo Emily

  4. love the unexpected braid. Haven't done an upside down braid since high school. here's to bringing back the good ole days. love.

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  5. I love that hairstyle! Cute outfit, too.

    <3 Melissa

  6. Internet browser tabs are amazing until its get out of hand hehe.

    P.S. Your outfit looks very cozy & warm ^^

    Vanessa ~ Found & Kept

  7. i love your outfit & your upside down braid! so cute!

  8. Supper cute blog! Love the braid and the outfit!

  9. haha awkward & awesome... what a cute idea for a post. Thanks for visiting my blog... I love yours!

  10. I can hardly do a right side-up braid... but I really like your upside down one! (:
    I've been wanting to see Wreck-It Ralph... glad you liked it.

  11. This post is awesome! And I love the 'messy' braid, I really should try this sometime.

  12. the messy braid is so cute, and i get SO stressed if i have more than 5 windows open on my browser! drives me nuts!! haha xo eden

  13. I love the upside down braid- I really want to try that! Fun lists :)

  14. I've never seen an upside down brain! I have to give that a try! Found you on Modern Modest Beauty link-up!

    With Love,

  15. I must try that hairstyle...so unique!

    Check out my new blog!


  16. You girls are so cute! Found you on Modern Modest Beauty! You're braver than me attempting that braid and i love this sweater dress with the leather details of your belt and boots!

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I have never had pizookies(not sure if I spelled it right)? Pizza-cookie? Is that what it is? I will have to try it out!

    xo, Amy

  18. cute braid! i hope you enjoyed wreck-it ralph. i personally loved the short before the movie. :D and morning phone dates, hmm? wonder if we'll get more explanation on that...