insta wrap- chicago style

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1. New gold collar from Madewell
2. Wall mural in the living room
3. Mount Rushmore on our cross country road trip to Chicago
4. Public Transit all day
5. New thai place in our neighborhood
6. Mexican food
7. Chicago Open House Capital Theater
8. Target has the best masks
9. Chicago Open House State and County building
10. Chicago River with a fleet going through
11. Birthday dinner
12. Madewell necklace - (thinking about getting this version as well)
13. Date night!
14. New Neighborhood
15. Trying out a new schwarma place
16. Gold loafers from marshalls! (similar: thrifty & spendy also loving these)
17. So good to be back
18. Jersey Mikes. YUM. Michael and I are on the sandwich hunt.

And life is good.


  1. seriously kind of jealous of your life....

  2. I want some of that guacamole immediately.

  3. I just moved away from Chicago and this post makes me miss it so much! Enjoy your time there; you will LOVE it.

  4. Your blog is so cute!! I found it on accident but I'm glad I did! Hopefully you don't care if I follow you. These photos are awesome. I adore Chicago! Keep up the great work :)


  5. i love chicago and jealous you get to live and eat there. i visited there last year and fell in love. this inspired me to write a post about it on my blog!! xoxo