How Harley and Her Husband met-

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I am a firm believer in dates of the blind variety.
I wasn't always. But now I am.

My friend Taylor was dating a boy named Adam (who is now her husband) and Michael was his friend. Michael was attending BYU-Idaho. He came down to Provo for the weekend to visit friends and hang out. Taylor met him and thought that we would get along. She told Michael this and he said, "Set it up." She called me and I was less than enthused. You see I had just reached this point in my life where I was happy. I had just gotten over a boy. I was getting ready to leave for Europe. I was super content with just being. 

She INSISTED that we go out. So I conceded. We set up a blind date for Friday. They picked me up at Liberty Square and I was met by an extremely tall blonde boy. 
We went to TGIFridays- eh. 
Saw the movie date night- love me some Tina Fey. 
Listened to music- Michael used to be a rapper. 
Then all four of us went over to Adam's apartment. There Taylor and Adam both fell asleep on the couch and Michael and I just sat up talking. When it seemed late he took me home. I told him that I had a good time and then said bye. 
I mean he lived in Idaho. He was cute and fun, but I really didn't think too hard about it. I mean I was getting ready to leave the country! 
On Saturday, the day after our date, he friend requested me on Facebook. I accepted. I told Taylor this and she said it was a big deal. Apparently Michael didn't ask people to be his friend. How lame does that sound?
We started FB chatting. He asked for my number. I told him that I was leaving soon. So he said that we should go on another date. So on May first he drove down from Idaho and we hung out all day. At the end of the night I remember looking up at him. And then watching him walk away after we shared a hug.