journal prompt // love list

Monday, September 10, 2012

This weekend we all wrote lists:

These can include things you are currently grateful for, anything that inspires you or makes you smile.

lemon water
my new gym membership keychain
the quilt on my bed
folding laundry
vampire diaries
tangelo woods lotion from b&bw
my soft xc t-shirt from 7th grade
tan lines
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
cards in the mail from thoughtful friends
being tagged in instagram photos and comments
magnum double caramel ice cream bars
apple pears
spinning class
texts from porter
good luck, charlie
gold sparkles
glitter in general
when my keys get foggy from the humidity
afternoon rain
dipping bread in oil & vinegar with parmesan
the word "consultation"(it reminds me of ramona and beezus)
"distance" by christina perri and jason mraz

being with family, washi tape, fresh blueberries, clean hair, troll beads, cool fall air, waking up before 9, exercising daily, the black sheep cafe, exposed brick and hard wood floors,  job offers, leather, decluttering my life, vampire diaries, harley and jane giveaway, crocheting, road trips, wearing only mascara, watching the little sister play soccer, finding my memory card, photoshop, aquaphor, hair ties, plush carpet, diet coke and m&ms, challenging myself, The Night Circus, the Jersey Boys soundtrack, sleeping under a giant comforter while my husband drives, the beach, and little miss lola the cutest cat in the world

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  1. Harley! I am currently reading The Night Circus based on your suggestion and I love it! I haven't even finished yet and I have already recommended it to a bunch of people.