To Vote or not to Vote

Thursday, August 30, 2012

While on Facebook tonight I witnessed a complete and utter travesty. 

Someone posted a status regarding the 2012 Election. She said that the candidates were puppets and that the people needed to take back the government. 

The most disturbing were the responses that followed.

"That is why I am not voting."
"I won't even vote."

HOW IS THIS HAPPENING. My peers. The people that I am relying on to help me better this country are giving up their right to participate in democracy.

In my mind, if you are not even going to vote for the President of this country you have exactly ZERO room to complain about anything! 

Making an active choice to disengaged because you feel that the system is flawed is the biggest cop out I have ever heard. Maybe you think both candidates are ridiculous... but one of them has to be less ridiculous right? 

We have the opportunity to actively engage in how our future is going to play out so why not take it?

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  1. I hate when people complain that didn't even voice their opinions by voting in the election. I also get how the electoral college can be a deterrent from voting. It really does make your vote seem a little less important when you are not in a usual swing state. I am normally a huge advocate of using the privilege we have as Americans to elect our leaders, but this year I am having the dilemma this year solely because I can't decide if doing absentee voting is worth the effort (especially in Texas, pretty sure Romney has it in the bag).

  2. I mostly agree with the above comment ^^^^. Does my vote really count? Not really. And I never use that as an excuse not to vote, because I always vote. However, this year I don't feel like picking the lesser of two evils. I whole-heartedly believe that neither candidate is fit for the job or can significantly improve our nation. Either candidate is sure to disappoint, so that is really why people are going to complain. People often complain about the person they actually voted for. This position is insatiable and that is just how it is. Luckily, though, I don't complain much at all about politics because I am well aware of the fact that they always disappoint in some way. I'm really not too harsh on them. But does the "system" always work? No. Do we have a perfect democracy? No. Do I have to pick the lesser of two evils? Definitely not. That is an injustice to me. When I am offered candidates who qualify even just a little bit, I will definitely vote.

  3. I maybe out of the norm here, because I eat sleep and breathe politics, but it's important to me to vote solely because I can. Our founding fathers believed in government by the people. Generations ago our great grandmothers fought hard for equal rights and to have a say in their country. I just can't overlook everything they overcame to give us to the choice to vote or not. I absolutely believe I owe it to them, to spend a hour or two of my life every couple of years exercising my rights and making democracy work. Absolutely. I wish more felt the same.

  4. "People should take back the government"?? That sounds freakishly like something out of The Hunger Games...

  5. here here! people really should not complain if they're unwilling to take action. such a cop-out.