2012 Election Research Has Begun

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some links for you:

Here is the official Obama-Biden Website. 

Things I learned: 
The Steal worker ad that Obama produced is False. The woman was diagnosed with cancer 5 years later and had insurance. 
Medicade is a HUGE issue. This is something that is being added to the list. 
Barack Obama is 50, Mitt Romney is 64. 
Ad Spending to Date varies quite a bit. 
                                          OBAMA                                                       ROMNEY

At this point... I am feeling really frustrated. So much misleading and bad information out there. No wonder millions of people don't vote. 

Anyone have some good resources besides CNN?


  1. Check out:
    Real Clear Politics
    270 to win

    both are go to sites for me.

  2. Whoa, cannot believe the spending difference - solely because I think the incumbent would have to spend less.

  3. ...my mind is boggled on several accounts, mostly that mitt romney is 64. what the WHAT.

  4. You are so awesome. I've been looking for this.