2012 Election Research Has Begun

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some links for you:

Here is the official Obama-Biden Website. 

Things I learned: 
The Steal worker ad that Obama produced is False. The woman was diagnosed with cancer 5 years later and had insurance. 
Medicade is a HUGE issue. This is something that is being added to the list. 
Barack Obama is 50, Mitt Romney is 64. 
Ad Spending to Date varies quite a bit. 
                                          OBAMA                                                       ROMNEY

At this point... I am feeling really frustrated. So much misleading and bad information out there. No wonder millions of people don't vote. 

Anyone have some good resources besides CNN?


  1. Check out:
    Real Clear Politics
    270 to win

    both are go to sites for me.

  2. Whoa, cannot believe the spending difference - solely because I think the incumbent would have to spend less.

  3. I love this info!

  4. ...my mind is boggled on several accounts, mostly that mitt romney is 64. what the WHAT.

  5. You are so awesome. I've been looking for this.