Real Life (According to T. Swift)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walking to campus today I realized how many of Taylor's songs have been on repeat at different phases of the last few years -- and they always reflect what's going on in my life. These are a few I remember feeling like I could relate to. 

{Cold as You}
Now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you.
You never did give a thing honey, but I cried, cried for you.

{I'd Lie}
Doesn't he know that I've had him memorized for so long? 
He sees everything black and white,
Never lets nobody see him cry
I don't let nobody see me wishin' he was mine.

{Forever and Always}
This thing is breaking down, we almost never speak
I don't feel welcome anymore
Baby, what happened? Please tell me,
'Cause one second it was perfect
Now you're halfway out the door.

I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him.
I hang on every word you say,
And you smile and say, "How are you?"
I say, "Just fine."
I always forget to tell you I love you, I love you.



  1. So true. I have so much love for Taylor Swift, despite her cheesy and slightly repetitive tunes!

    1. I agree. But somehow I still love every new song she comes up with.

  2. I am pretty much obsessed with Taylor Swift. I remember going to her concert at the amphitheater by my house when tickets were only $3. She wasn't even very big then! I agree with ya. So many phases of my life include her lyrics.

    we & serendipity

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous you saw her in concert. She's next on my list.

  3. She DOES know, doesn't she?? Cold As You was my anthem for a little while as well. And Last Kiss...good grief, that one tore me to pieces after a breakup. She just gets it!

    1. I feel the same way about White Horse.