Life in Chicago: That time when I made some friends

Monday, July 2, 2012

 1. Cute cards. I could buy all the cards traget carries. 
2. This necklace is a staple. 
3. Crooked Chicago Skyline
 4. The invincible manicure.
5. First Chicago dog! Boy was it messy. 
 6. Yummy breakfast.
7. Walking through Lincoln park. I could live there. 
 8. Seeing Brave by myself. I love the short at the beginning. Almost more than the movie.
9. New mural in my office. 
 10. Giant taco salad from Ronny's Ribs. 
11. Cubs game with the other interns. I made some friends. 
12. Necklace for days. 

I don't actually take out my real camera. Instagram it is. 

This week was a little bit traumatic. These are not details I was floating around the internet, but if you are really curious I will gladly let you know via email. 

On the up swing... I MADE SOME FRIENDS. I was at the cubs game on Monday with all the other interns sitting by myself. Lame. So after I finished gorging myself on the free food I was about ready to high tail it out of there. Then this kid came up to me and starting chatting. Then another. By the time our conversation finished I was feeling a little bit better about my life. I turned a corner to take one last look at the baseball field when I ran into two other girl interns. This is how the conversation went. Yes it was as awkward as it sounds. 

Me: "Hey guys... I don't have any friends. Can I talk to you?"

Girl: "Sure we don't have any friends either."

Me: "Great! Lets be friend then. We can eat lunch together and stuff."

Other girl: "Sounds great."

Insert awkward chuckle.

Me: "K guys give me you numbers and we can plan something."

Girl: "K cool."

And then we exchanged numbers. And ate lunch on Tuesday. And on Friday. And then went out for Pizza and a walk on Friday night. It is like we are courting or something. I will readily take your applause now. 

3 weeks down. 7 weeks to go. 10 days until I see Michael.
Part one can be found here. 


  1. i like your friendship stories. mostly how awkward you are, because that's how make friends too. I LOVE BRAVE. that hair!!!! and the short at the beginning is adorable. think of it every time i look at the moon.
    and you know i want to know your traumatic details, but i really hate prying. so only if you wanna. reply and let the dialogue/semi-real friendship beginnn!

  2. awkward interactions are what make my life complete. how awesome.
    i'm obsessed with target... AND your manicure. xo!

  3. Oh good. You're making friends!! You can make it through the next 10 days! I believe.

  4. 1. omgosh i love those cards, 2. that breakfast is making my mouth water, 3. ha and im so glad youre making friends xo have a good week lovey

  5. Cute cards and I love how you make friends... I think we all have to be awkward like that sometimes! :) We also have the same kind of ring (three diamonds)! I think it is so classy, it looks great on you! <3

  6. So glad you made friends! what a great, ballsy way to do it...I should take a leaf out of your book :)

  7. Chicago is such an amazing city! Looks like you had a lot of fun!