memories of belize

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last night I dreamed about volunteering with HELP International again, but this time in Costa Rica instead of Belize. Kind of made me nostalgic for our little San Ignacio and the friends we made there. It's been a year now, which is nuts.

Here are a few (of the many) journal entries.

June 11
Sweat. Down my back. Soaking my sports bra. On my upper lip. EVERYWHERE.

Also, I ate a termite. Kyle said they should taste like minty carrots -- which, if you ask me, sounds disgusting -- but I chewed and swallowed so fast I hardly tasted a thing. 

June 14
I did four minutes of calf raises yesterday, and along with my workout this morning and walking around and around town today, those poor calf muscles have only gotten worse. Every time I stand, they are a bit tighter. I can't stand with straight legs.

June 19
On the way home from church today an unexpected rain shower dumped on us. I couldn't believe how big those raindrops were -- it was a torrential downpour without a doubt. Anyway, we ran, giggling through the streets. 

June 22
Today I stepped in a pile of red biting ants, and I also was careless (idiotic) and never reapplied sunscreen. Now I'm praying praying praying that my poor red nose won't blister and that I won't get skin cancer and I'm promising I'll wear enough sunscreen the rest of the summer. Pray for my nose. Pray hard. I'd prefer to go through the rest of our trip with a normal colored nose.

July 8
I'm still loving PEACE Camp. Love those kids. Aaliyah can't come next week she told us today and we're all so sad about it. She's our little rainbow everyday -- always sweet and smiling. After camp she hung around hugging us and clinging to our waists.

July 10
Yesterday we went to hell and back. It was a journey through a Mayan cave, and probably one of the best adventures I've ever been on. We went with Aaron, our tour guide, through these winding passages and narrow rock tunnels. We wore helmets and lights and had to swim up through the caves. There were a few moments I got claustrophobic because we were up to our necks in water and had to squeeze our heads through tiny crevasses in a ten-foot long passage to get to the other side. It was totally thrilling! Periodically Aaron would tell us to gather around and shut our lights off. We stood in complete darkness giggling (out of terror probably) and he would say, "Shhhh. Listen. Listen to the cave." 



  1. I would do a lot of shiz to be back there right now. So perfect, that place was. I think a trip like that to a place like Belize has healing powers

  2. love the photos...the part about the cave made me feel a little terrified. not one for small spaces, so way to be brave!

  3. Love. Love, love, love every single entry. What a dream.