Week of Pink: Little Red Riding Hood

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Despite the fact that the story of Little Red Riding Hood completely scared me as a child, it intrigued me as well. Still today it's one of my favorite tales because...

1. The cloak is magical {Remember that scene in "Red Riding Hood" when Amanda Seyfried is climbing a snowtopped mountain with her cloak billowing behind her for miles? YES.}. If it were socially acceptable and not summer, I'd be wearing one right now.
2. The villain is a talking wolf who wants to kill everyone but really probably just wants to be loved.
3. A dark, snowy forest is a fantastical scene for any scary story, especially when the heroine is wearing a long, red cloak.
4. I relate to anything red.

So in looking for inspiration to create an interesting outfit, I remembered these photos from my "Loveliness" board on Pinterest {from here and here}.

I got the cream of the snow in my dress, the red cape-y shirt, the wolf's fur around my neck {lucky it was a cloudy, coolish day because that thing is warm}, and the leather pouch instead of a basket, which, to me, spells modern Red Riding Hood.


  1. aaaaand i'm gonna need to steal your purse. thanks!
    :) blog.tarapolly.com

  2. Ok don't even think that I am being biased because you are my sister, but these are the best pictures on the blog so far. Stunning.