Birthday Wishes

Monday, June 11, 2012

From here and here.
My sister asked a few days ago what I want for my birthday and gave me the best idea -- start collecting pieces of a dish set. These are the ones I've got my eye on. It will probably take a while until I've got a whole set, but I'm in no rush.


  1. Those are some seriously pretty plates.

    Method Clothe

  2. i collect pretty dishes too!! mostly little tea plates, because i find them most often. you can usually grab them for 50 cents or a dollar at thrift stores, even places like goodwill and salvation army. when i'm done getting sucked into the clothes section i always swing by the dishes section....such an overlooked treasure of thrift shopping!! and i have so many lovely little plates because of it, plus a brown & yellow 70s-esque carafe that makes my whole life happy.

    1. That's great -- I love that idea. Do you use them to prettify your house, or do you actually use them at meals?