Things my husband has told me to do in Chicago

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1. Eat at Giordanos and Lou Malnati's 
2. Go downtown. Go up into the sears tower. 
3. Three things are a must Portillos- choc cake shake & regular chicago dog & combo sandwich with combo beef and italian sausage 
4. Eat at Quick Bite- more specifically a gyro
5. See a show 
6. Hancock Building and 5th avenue and millenium park
7. See the Bean 
8. There are a bunch of festivals during the summer. 
9. DON'T go to Pizzeria Uno
10. Wrigley field 

Any more advice from those lovely Chicago readers out there? Also I would love to connect with all of you while I am there. Can you say lunch dates in the city? Yes please. 11 days! 


  1. I love the "DON'T". I should save this for if/when I visit Chicago one day. Ya never know!

  2. I don't live there, but visited often as a child, you HAVE to get some Garrett's Popcorn, the best is the mix! Also, Chicago Style Italian Beef is to DIE for. If you like really good sandwiches that is...

  3. I've heard the architectural boat tour is pretty cool. And I'd definitely check out the Magnificent Mile, where all the shopping is.

  4. A chocolate cake shake sounds DELISH.

  5. I agree on the Garrett's popcorn. There is also an amazing restaurant called the Grand Lux Cafe. It is owned by the cheesecake factory but it is better! And the mile is great but there are some great thrift stores too for some affordable shopping so make sure you hit that up! Now I am homesick! Have so much fun.

  6. I would see a movie in the park, they have them all over in the summer (I think you would like that). Gino's East pizza is also a must-try deep dish (and my personal fave out of the top 3). Lovely, A Bakeshop is wonderful, as well as Milwaukee Ave for thrifting in Wicker Park. Ann Sather's cinnamon rolls--the best cinnamon rolls you'll ever eat. I emailed you at one point to let you know I work downtown and would love to meet up for lunch! :)

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  8. Those are great suggstions, I would add hit up the museums, try the free days because they can be expensive, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo because it's just as good if not better than the Brookfield and it's free, walk to and at the beach at night, it can be magical, there's a place called Margie's on the southside that had the best ice cream from my memories of when I was little and we lived by it. (And you can skip the Sears tower, I don't know anyone who's gone there who grew up there, so it can't be so great, right?)