Homemade Journals

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This last weekend Jane and I taught a relief society activity on journaling. It is something that both of us are pretty passionate about. We gave some tips and examples of things that we do in our own journals-  like pasting in tons of pictures and allowing yourself to be honest- and taught a little homemade journal class. We took some ideas from Elsie's e-course on journaling and then concocted our own. We think they turned out super fun. Jane turned hers into a goal journal for the summer and mine is TBD.

For this activity we asked one of our favorite professors for advice on journaling. This is what she said- 

My best advice:  Never think you need to review all the stuff that has happened to you since the last time you wrote in a journal (two years ago).  Start with where you are now.

When you get sick of a journal, buy a new one even if the old one isn't full.

Buy a very small journal if you don't like to write much.  It fills up faster.

Write about what interests you, not what someone else thinks you should write about.  If the only reason you're keeping a journal is to set an example for your progeny, forget it. No one likes a raving goody goody.

Kind of great right? We are thinking about incorporating a heavier journaling aspect to the blog. Writing down moments. Capturing who we are. So get ready. Do any of you like journaling? I feel like we should start a club.

Also... we are more than willing to do a tutorial for these journals. Anyone interested? 



  1. your journal talent blows my mind.
    i want to steal jane's penmanship.
    a tutorial would be so good.
    i journal, it's not this fancy kind of journaling, but i'd join your club.
    let's meet. let's party. let's play.
    when are you leaving?
    let's do this.

  2. Theseee journals are crazy!! I love them. :) So cute. :D x

  3. i loveee to write can you please show how to make it i want to try it thanks! :D

  4. I would love for you to do a tutorial for these. You two are so adorably creative. Oh my goodness. Love you guys!

  5. love love LOVE this idea! can you guys do a video or a step by step of this?

  6. Could I pay you to make me one of these?! Seriously awesomesauce. And these pointers make so much sense but I would have never thought of them.

    Excited to get some blog love from Miss Jane the other day! Thanks girl.


  7. I've been way into straight up journaling for around 4 years now, but I've never done an art journal.. Y'all's are seriously to die for! Please oh please oh please make a tutorial! :D It would make my day. Thanks thanks, love love!

    A Clever Life