Feminist Frequency

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have any of you heard about this? Or watched any videos by them before? I watched this one and then I just kind of took a dive into the rest. A women's perspective on the world and media that she consumes.  I would say by some standards that I am considered a feminist, but so often the word is misunderstood, especially in the LDS community. Often people associate the word negatively. Just because the prospect of a career entices me doesn't mean I'll be a bad mother. Overall I found this video frighteningly accurate. Until we do something nothing is going to change! What are your thoughts?


  1. Wow... now I want to watch more videos like this. Thanks!

  2. Trust me, I'm the first person to say that the media's portrayal of women is less than ideal. However, when I was little, I never once thought about the genders of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. They were just characters to me, and I don't think I developed any complexes about my role as a woman because I loved watching them. I think too many feminists, along with people who are busy pointing fingers at alleged racism, are too quick to find offense. Sure, these stereotypes happen, and sure, the media hasn't always been kind to women -- but remember it's not kind to men as well. Watch many modern sitcoms today and the father figures are regularly portrayed as bumblings oafs who need to grovel to their wives and/or rarely "get it" when it comes to parenting. The sword cuts both ways. And, plenty of movies have "more than one woman in the primary cast." This video just decided to pick ones that didn't. Sample of convenience, anyone?

  3. I completely agree with Katilda here actually. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a feminist, because I think the definition has evolved too much for my liking, but I think it is certainly sad when women are only thought of as sexual characters who can't get anything done without men to help them. And honestly, it's true about samples of convenience. And why is it not bad for movies targeted at women to have mostly female characters, with men who only screw up, but it's not okay for male-targeted movies to have a lot of men? I get what you say about wanting a career, because that appeals to me too, but I guess I wouldn't classify that as feminism, simply based on modern terminology. But great post nonetheless

  4. Katilda- i think that you are on to something here. While I believe there are feminist stereotypes there are stereotypes for any one. Males, females, races. It is funny how what you think can be entirely dependent upon how it is presented. While I think perhaps the female stereotypes and representation are a little bit different than males I can definitely appreciate that there is bias on both sides.

    Sarai- Thanks for your input! I totally agree about the progression about the word feminist... it just means so many different things to so many different people. The meaning is definitely construed.