Lunch Date with Myself.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When reading this title I would like it to be to the tune of this song.

Today I went on a date by myself. Initially I thought I would grab some food from the MOA and journal, but then I just found myself sitting there enjoying the sunshine. I little bit of a boost before my STATS class.

So here they are. Musings from a solo lunch date-

I look ridiculous eating this shawarma, but it is delicious.
The weather is so super fine.
My hair is getting in my face.
Boy is looking dapper in that uniform.
What is it about a uniform?
Snow on the mountains. Glad I am down here.
This is really good. So much better than L&T.
Oh. Cute shoes.
My brother is such a darling. 
You are very difficult to eat with one hand.
Pretty sure I am going to skip class today.
A SURPRISE? I am so excited. 
Skipping class and getting B's on test is AWESOME.
You are delicious shawarma. Even if your aren't authentic.
I need to spend less money.
Can't wait for my bike lock to get here so I can ride it to campus. 
I wish I had more water.
Oh it is 12:59.... I guess I should to class.
Why do my legs hurt?
Bye sun. See you in a million hours when I am finally done with school.

And that is how my brain works. Your welcome. 

Children if it is 2020 something and you are reading this- You have my full permission to skip class tomorrow. Wanna go get Mexican food?



  1. thanks for your comment, I love your blog! I go on solo dates with myself all the time, it's the best! No one rushes me while I'm shopping, and I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want!

    P.S. I watched that Sara Bareilles(?) music video you posted and I laughed so hard at the end. That was so hilarious! love her

    The House of Shoes

  2. I love solo dates! I'm so ADD when I'm out that sometimes it's nice to just do my own thing :)

  3. The weather was perfect today! Took a nice little daydreaming sesh by the fountain in the JFSB courtyard. Dating yourself is the only way to go, I say.

  4. such great pics haha - love that instagram filter!