Jane's 20 Things

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspired from Hopes & Dreams.

1. I don't like the opera.
2. Someday I'll open a little sweet shop/cafe.
3. I've raised two sheep for 4-H.
4. Chocolate-covered strawberries are my favorite treat.
5. I love feathers and fur.
6. I was a vegetarian for six years.
7. I'm a Mac.
8. Cleaning and organizing are therapeutic for me.
9. Cinnamon Trident is my gum of choice, although it burns the inside of my mouth if I chew it too often.
10. I'm working toward being able to do 100 pushups in a row in a few weeks.
11. So far I've done 45 in a row.
12. Love John Denver.
13. Love animals, hate zoos.
14. Saw Katy Perry in concert last summer.
15. Don't like driving alone. Or at night. Or on the freeway.
16. I'm a business minor.
17. The first thing I check online every day is A Beautiful Mess.
18. I'm eating edamame right now.
19. My favorite book is either The Secret Life of Bees or The Goose Girl.
20. I want to own this.


  1. choc covered strawberries are my fav toooooo! lets make some. yum.

  2. john denver! classic. my mama raised me on him. i once dated a boy from montana and i frequently burst out in song to serenade him with "wiiiild montana skies!" ...he liked it, i swear.

  3. i clicked the link to a beautiful mess and immediately fell in love.

    ahh thank you!

  4. Just found your guys blog... love it so much. Such a great read.

  5. I love lists like this! I also love cinnamon gum, chocolate covered strawberries, and A Beautiful Mess.