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Thursday, February 2, 2012

-When you go to squat down to get your backpack off the floor in a restaurant and catch your bum on the chair-back of someone behind you. I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen.
-Chest hair on someone wearing a boyscout uniform.
-When a classmate says in class, "My infectious diseases professor told us..."
-When two married couples in front of you all high five each other because the teacher says you're in the minority if you wait until after marriage to have sex. I suppose that also qualifies as awesome, but mostly I just felt awkward.
-Realizing too late you let your cute little innocent cousin watch the scene in "17 Again" where Michelle Trachtenberg decides she's a tiger. Shudder.
-Forgetting to finish my makeup. And realizing it halfway through the day.
-Getting the large-print-need-a-reverse-magnifying-glass-to-read version of a book on hold. I'll pass on that, let's try again.

-Cancelled class on test days. I'm not sure why that isn't mandatory yet.
-Shea Cashmere lotion on sale!
-Managing to keep track of my good lipgloss and .38 Pilot pen for more than a month.
-Cinnamon Trident.
-Valentine DIY's.
-A gingham tool set -- yessssss.
-Signing up for only TWO classes for spring term. That'll be a new experience.
-Becoming an expert calzone-maker.
-Haylee's wardrobe that's up for sale. I already bought something.


  1. ugh! i hate it when the first one happened. I try to pretend it didn't happen. ever. especially when someone does it to me. I just don't look up.

  2. the scene where she's a tiger & zac is a baby giselle.. yikes & awkward indeed!!

  3. very true and exciting but challenging experiences... great blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!

  4. Aaahahahaha...the makeup's so funny and so true. I put eyeliner underneath (and not on top) ONE eye and then was interrupted and forgot to finish the rest of it; went the whole day, and no one said a thing.