awkward and awesome

Friday, January 27, 2012

-The boy who fell asleep in the class right before yours and continues to sleep until half way through your class. He wakes up. Confused. Dazed. He packs up his belongings and leaves.
-Goldfish crackers for breakfast. not so good.
-When someone tells a joke but no one hears it but you, and you're too far away to even give them a courtesy laugh.
-The courtesy laugh.
-When a coworker notices how often you spend watching and listening to Ron+Hermione montage videos and asks you if you'd like them to just bring their HP collection to work.
-little junior high kids running around everywhere for a theater festival. I feel like I should understand them seeing as I used to be one... but it just makes me cringe.
-The water fountain when the person next to you stops drinking and all of sudden you find yourself with a nose full of water.
-Career fairsssssssssssssssssssss. please hire me. or give me and internship. please.

-Youtube videos of Ron+Hermione. Oh how I love them.
- Date night. Bowling anyone?
-A 2 hour workshop with one of the best dancers in the world.
-Homemade meals.
-How energized your mind feels after an amazing work out.
-the boy whistling last Christmas I gave you my heart.


  1. i was wondering why there were so many annoying children on campus the other day. i really hope i wasn't that bad when i was a theatre kid. (as much as i hope and pray, i probably was. ugh).

  2. i've totally experienced the water fountian-nose full thing. ick.


  3. I was a theater kid too! But I swear, I was not as annoying as those children... maybe I was :P Today I went to the Wilk to get food, and I felt like there were EFY kids all around me...