Sunday, December 25, 2011

This has been needing to get done for quite a while now, and what better to spend time on during Christmas break? I've kept journals since I was six, as you can see here, but they've always been in a box. I wrote the date on the bottom of each, and now they're displayed on a shelf with my sister's own collection.

Looking back through them we found some funny things...
{1} How boy crazy I actually was between ages 8 and 15.
{2} Some days this was enough of an entry for me: "I'm tired and I don't have anything to say."
{3} Paintings of Jesus graced many of my journal covers. {A friend once pointed out that she would feel nervous spilling all her secrets to a journal with Christ's picture on it which made me laugh, but I've never had one since...}
{4} I struggled with nasty handwriting from grades 4-8, until a boy poked fun at it, so I worked and worked until I had a penmanship to be proud of.

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  1. i am with on the terrible handwriting phase thing! it was always on my report cards in elementary school...."goal: work on penmanship." today i LOVE my handwriting! i think it is perfect in its pretty little evolution. did you know you can make fonts out of your handwriting?? i am seriously considering this...