Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leah and I have been cooking and baking and wrapping wrapping wrapping for Christmas packages. Also, we just finished our shopping yesterday. Whew.

Want to hear a funny story? Levi was squeezing an egg and said, "Look, you can squeeze it as hard as you can and it won't break." He handed me the egg to see for myself. He adjusted it in my palm to make sure it was in the right position, and then I squeezed as hard as I could. I'm not quite sure what happened exactly, but apparently I had a rush of Hulk powers because that darn egg exploded. There was goo on cupboards on the opposite side of the kitchen, it landed on the door of the pantry -- it even got in my hair.

I wish we got a polaroid of that.


  1. hahahah that is super funny.
    and duh.
    you are basically the hulk.
    except not a man.
    and not green.
    just strong.
    and awesome.

  2. Super fun!
    And you two look beautiful!!


  3. your apron says michael........ hahaha