A new year begins.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My birthday was on Oct. 10th.
It was pretty awesome.
I turned 22.
I feel old yet so young at the same time.
I had crepes filled with nutella and strawberries for breakfast.
Went to school and work.
Came home to a house decorated with balloons.
My husband surprised me with a special trip and tickets to the theater.
Got some pumpkins.
Me and all my friends went out for sushi.
I blew out the candles on a lovely homemade cake.
Just the way a birthday should be.


  1. I turned 22 on the 10th oct too aha :)
    Cake looks yummy.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  2. Sounds like a lovely birthday! Mine was the 13th YAY for october birthdays. I love this month.

  3. Happy Birthday almost Birthday twin! I feel exactly the same way at this age... so old and young!

  4. happy birthday!! sounds like it was perfect.
    nice specs.