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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's official. Harley is a cute little wifey and is cruising around Europe with her tall, handsome husband. I didn't even bring a camera {whywhywhy??}, so we'll all just have to wait anxiously for photos.

This is the only one I can offer you:

{The first draft of my bridesmaid ensemble. Don't worry though -- it improved with the help of a few accessories and a professional makeup artist.}

And I can say that Harley is one calm, cool-under-stress-and-pressure, lovely lady. No wonder she's my best friend...opposites attract, and I'm not the most calm girl in stressful situations.

Besides being the happiest day of her life, it sure as heck must have been one of the prettiest too. That girl knows how to DIY a party. She thrifted and sewed and etsyed all summer long, and it paid off. The reception was

P E R F E C T I O N.

Here are a few of my favorite details of the lovely day...

Guests, upon arriving, were photographed with a Polariod camera for a memory book for Har&Husband.
Vintage cameras were part of the centerpieces.
They had raspberry lemonade in mason jars and striped paper straws, fudge-dipped strawberries, stuffed mushrooms, fruit pizza, Washington cherries, caprese salad, and cupcakescupcakescupcakes.
The party favors were teeny little vine plants in teeny little jars.
She stood all day in wickedly beautiful teal heels {you will all covet them, I promise}.
The groomsmen wore yellow and teal bowties + suspenders. Very handsome.
The couple blew kisses and rode away in a gorgeous sea-foam green Thunderbird from the 40s {60s? I don't know...}.

It was a dream, and I can't wait for you all to see the photos. You'll die. I'll die.

Since Harley is gone on a dreamcometrue honeymoon for a few weeks, I get to do most of the posting until her cute face is back. Belize and D.C. photos are on their way!



  1. Oh my! The wedding sounds amaaaaazing. Can't wait to see photos!

  2. The best Thunderbird: 1955. Google it. xoxox

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