It's official. I'm a Bum.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have been sick.
What a great way to spend my last couple days in Copenhagen right?
I have been laying {lying?} in bed with a giant down comforter.
With my new HUSBAND bringing me lemon tea at sporadic intervals.
Today is packing day.
And thank you note writing day.
I love getting presents, but trying to remember which notes go where is a challenge.
We are flying back to America tomorrow.
After a month of Europe... I miss it.
Yes I have a million pictures.
Ok maybe just a couple thousand.
I will share soon.
Once I make it home.
I always thought I would grow up and want to Travel.
ALL. the. time.
But I guess I am just not cut out for it.
Because nothing is better than having a place to call home.
A place to come home to every night that is just yours.
All of your things in the same place.
Put away and folded.
I'm sick of my suitcase.
I will start blogging my life like a responsible blogger.
I am going to use it as more a journal from this point forward.
Blog what I want when I want.
Streams of consciousness.
And like this one.
Things I like.
Like the band stars.
You guys know them?
One time I drove all the way down to L.A. just to go to a concert.
So worth it.
So listen to this song and enjoy your life.

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  1. i'm so excited to have you back and hear aaaaaaaall about the wedding and your trip. it sounds like it was straight out of a movie or book.
    and it's true, there is nothing better than home.