The Universe must be trying to tell me something

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Air Conditioning in my car is broken and it will cost 180 dollars to fix.
Is it a necessity? Perhaps not.
But when I have to drive an extensive road trip in said car it kind of becomes one.

Fast forward 1 day.
I may have been driving Ms car and accidentally backed into someone else.
Just a tiny little scratch in the paint.
We are not sure what it is going to cost, but lets just say it will be $300+.
I know because I googled it.

THEN Michael's car got a flat tire.
Which might have been my fault... although undetermined.

while on the way to pick up the un-airconditioned car
Michael: "What is that?"
Harley: "I don't know your car makes rattling noises sometimes."
M: "No listen."
M turns off radio
H: "I don't know..."
M: "It sounds like a flat tire or something."
I look in my rearview mirror. Right back tire is looking a little bit... well... flat. 
H: "Oh umm... yeah that is totally a flat tire."
Micheal resists urges to chastise me. This is the second day in a row I have harmed his precious Shadowfax. 
M: "How did it happen?"
H: "I swear to you that it was not like this on my drive here."
I drive his car from Idaho Falls to Rexburg and back everyday because it has air conditioning, and a stero, and windsheild wipers... need I say more? My car is old.   
M: "Then how did this happen babe?"
H: "Honestly no idea."

Lucky for us Les Schwab Tires is right across the street from the mechanic.
Insert new expensive tires here.
Goodbye $606.89.

My theory?
Shadowfax was a little upset that I injured him and wanted a little pampering.
What could be better than 4 spankin' new tires?
It is like a pedicure and manicure all rolled into one.

Or maybe vehicles are saying "STOP! DON'T DRIVE US."
Which I would be more than happy to oblige it someone wanted to become my full time driver.
Do you know how much I would get done in the car?
Napping, texting, finishing up papers on the way to school... possibilities are endless.

What do you think the universe is trying to tell me?
That Michael is a Saint for putting up with me damaging his favorite possession?
Or do things just come in threes.
Cause boy have I been hearing that a lot lately.

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