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Monday, July 25, 2011

This is one of our very best friends Breanna. She runs this little blog called Risking Spontaneous Delight and you have seen her around these parts before. We asked her to dream up something super cute and super crafty and Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa she did. Because she is pretty much awesome. Enjoy!


Shabby Chic Jar Drinks If you know anything about me, you should know that good enough is never enough. I believe that details make all the difference. For my Independence Day barbeque I wanted to serve drinks that would
a) keep out pesky bees and bugs b) be patriotic c) look stinkin' cute.
I need to admit up front that my inspiration came straight off of Pinterest, but it turned out to be the perfect solution:
Ta-da! Customized mason jar drinks. Complete with bendy straws!
Are you planning a picnic, barbeque, shabby chic tea party or just feel like adding a touch of whimsy to your afternoon lemonade? Today I will give you the step-by-step guide to making your own shabby chic drink jars First, let's gather supplies:
You will need:
  • pint-sized mason jar
  • colorful and/or patterned paper of your choosing. {I decided to go with black and white}
  • cardstock paper
  • a pen or pencil
  • scissors {not pictured...}
  • double-stick tape of any variety
  • a hole punch
  • bendy straws
  • a tasty drink
For a lot of these items, the amount you will need will greatly depend on how many drink jars you are planning on making. Step One: Take your patterned/colorful paper and flip it over so the reverse side is facing up. Take the lid (not the ring) from your jar and trace around it with your pencil. 
Depending on how you place the lid and the size of your paper, try to fit in multiple circles. Waste not!
Repeat this process with all of your other colored/patterned papers until you have one circle for every jar. Because I want my lids to be sturdy, I would recommend then tracing the same number of circles on cardstock paper as well. Step Two: Cut out your circles. Depending on how many you are making, you could layer your sheets to cut them out two at a time.
Don't worry if your cutting isn't perfect. I promise, it won't matter. 
You should now have two equal piles: one of patterned paper and one of your card stock reinforcers.
Step Three: Now we're going to attach our colorful circles to the card stock circles so we can have a single, sturdy lid to work with. I used a double-sided scrap-booking tape, placing it on the reverse side of my patterned paper.
Don't get crazy here. A small strip on four "sides" will do just fine.
See? Just enough.
Once again, don't stress about mismatched edges or having perfect lines. As long as you're close, they will look great in the end.
Step Four: Now that we have our lids cut out and reinforced we'll make them even more cute and easy by adding straw access. Take your hole punch and slide it over your lid.
Punch a hole. That's it. So easy I don't even know why I'm explaining it to you.
Step Five: Add your straws. it may be a slightly snug-but-perfect fit.
Step Six: Now we can put all the pieces together. Fill your jar with ice and a refreshing liquid of your choice. {My latest favorite is raspberry lemonade Crystal Light.} Set your new paper lid on top of your open jar. You may notices some uneven edges but as I've said over and over-- it's okay.
Once you screw the ring on, you can't even tell. All you can see is the cute paper and a delicious drink.
Step Seven: Step back, admire your handiwork, and then enjoy your refreshing and cute lemonade with a good book or lively friends.

So go visit Breanna! And tune in tomorrow for another wonderful guest post. 

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  1. cute idea! I saw that on pinterest too! I think I am going to do it for my son's bday party next week. thanks for the reminder :-)