True Story.

Friday, June 10, 2011

 I hate packing. Like a lot. So Wednesday when I realized that I had only 30 minutes before I HAD TO BE OUT THE DOOR I started shoving clothes into my suitcase... er duffel bag.

  {Only well adjusted real adults have luggage. I just have a blue addias duffel bag that I bought 4 years ago for basketball practice.} 

Now I am planning to be gone for 2 weeks, why I didn't think through the whole clothing thing throug before literally the last second is well... a mystery. Especially since we had Fashionograhpy do such an epic guest post on this very subject. SOOOOOOOOOO. After a day in the car I have arrived in Washington and found out just what exactly made it here in the blue duffel. 

Here is the break down. 

Jeans {Levis}, Capris {Levis}, & Shorts {H&M}

Skirts {Antro, Target, Antro}, Dress {Lucky}

Scarf {H&M}, Headband {Me & ???}, Belt {A.E.}

Shoes Clockwise {Converse, Target, Gap, A.E}

Shirts starting with the brown one
{Forever 21, Target, H&M, Thrifted, H&M, UO, Old Navy, ??, Gap}

I must have been in a really green mood or something. I SWEAR I own shirts that aren't in this color pallet. 

SO. Starting tomorrow I will have 12 days until I return to my closet. 
In those 12 days I have to attend a wedding reception, 2 parties, and a music festival. 
Along with all the regular life jazz.

So let it begin ladies. 
the 20x12.
16 items of clothing. 4  pairs of shoes. 12 outfits. 

I'll try again later?


  1. Did you get those brown sandals recently????? I have been looking for a pair EXACTLY like that for about a year now. I think you'll be able to get along great for 12 days, those are all great pieces.

  2. american eagle! like a month and a half ago!