Summer Vacation Essentials

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of our favorite bloggers on the fashion scene is Kathryn and she is adorable. Her sense of style is remarkably earthy and chic at the same time. You can go check out her blog here. We asked her to tell us what her essentials would be for a summer vacation when all she could take was a duffle bag. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! This is Kathryn, from The Fashionography. When Harley first asked me to do a little guest post, I was so excited. I mean, I was asked to write about summer essentials! The problem? I had to fit all my summer vacation essentials in a duffle bag. {And not one of the giant ones that can fit small children, either.} Now, I’m usually not a very good packer because I’ll throw in extra things last minute, so I wasn’t sure how packing would go online. Turns out, it’s much more fun. Here’s what I would consider my personal summer vacation essentials. {Excluding the obvious, like pajamas. Everyone knows to bring those, right!?}

Summer Essentials 2

There are three main types of tops that are totally essential for me. (1) First of all, I must have some casual, loose fitted t-shirts and tank tops. They’re so perfect to throw on in the morning and be comfortable and chic at the same time. Also, loose T's work great for putting on after you’ve been swimming. It’s also important to have a blouse or two (like the purple one shown) that’s just a bit nicer than a normal t. Then, of course, I’ve gotta have a swimsuit for the lake/beach/pool/puddle/ source of water. Finally, I’d say an essential would be layering pieces. There’s the crochet vest that can be easily layered over some tank tops or t-shirts, the sweater for a cooler day, or when the nights aren’t as warm, and a light jacket for the same reasons.

Summer Essentials

In terms of shorts or pants, there are four types of “bottoms” I would bring. First of all, it’s necessary to have a dress or two. It’s crucial that they’re versatile, too. If they can be worn to the beach and dressed up for night, then that’s a success in my book. Probably the most obvious one, then, is shorts. I’m not a fan of booty shorts, though, so I’d make sure to bring a denim pair that will go with everything {more than a one inch inseam, please!} and then a linen type cargo short that is just as good for exploring as it is for dressing up. Next, I’d bring two pairs of pants. One would be a casual army green capri and the other is a basic pair of skinny jeans. Once again, it’s important that everything I pack is versatile. The pants are perfect for nights, or if the weather turns cool for a day or two. Finally, I’d probably throw in a skirt or two. Skirts are really, really easy to pack because they can be folded up pretty small.

Summer Accessories

It’s always hard to decide what shoes to bring, but I think by bringing three pairs it pretty much covers everything. There’s the gladiator sandal that is perfect for day-to-day activities, and then the wooden wedge for going out or looking just that extra bit more dressed up. I think it’s nice to bring a pair of flat, cute sneaker type shoes, as well, because a lot of times on summer vacation {especially if you’re there to sight see} you’ll find yourself doing a lot of walking, and you must be comfortable. In terms of bags, it’s essential to have at least one, but I like to pack two. {What can I say, I like my bags!} One would be a canvas/cloth tote that can be folded up tightly to pack, and then you can take it to the beach. The other is a nicer bag for all other activities. Last, but certainly not least, sunglasses. They’re so, so important for keeping your eyes protected, and of course looking cool and mysterious. {Or not. Whatever floats your boat.}

So there, that’s what I would pack in my duffle. Thanks for letting me share!

The Fashionography


  1. Totally packing every single one of those items into our little duffels and air mail them straight to Belize.

  2. I love your blog, girls! Fun picks for summer too :)