Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello my lovelies! 

Today I am traveling from Washington to Utah. Then I'm moving to Idaho. Huzzah! Oh the joys of being Engaged.  

Pros: I'll be with the fiancé.
Cons: It's Idaho. Rexburg. Idaho. Maybe I'll like it.... (she says skeptically)

At least I will get to leave the clouds behind. 

Oh WA why must you be so gray all the time! I swear if it was sunny for more than one day in a row the cosmos would fall out of balance or something. 

Who knew I would ever be thankful to go to Utah?!
What are your plans for summer? 
Anyone in Rexburg want to play?



  1. i live in rexburg, it's really not that bad :)

  2. Hm I know people who visited Idaho. I heard it's not that bad, and that they don't really like Californians!
    Good luck with the move and everything! You'll be with your fiance! when things get tough focus on that!

  3. Haha that was so rude! Some of us love this place, remember?? I think you need to dedicate a post to how much Idaho proved you wrong and isn't awful like you thought it would be...