My sister the record-breaker.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Clockwise from top left: {1} Mama and me in our winter clothes trying to stay warm. {2} Baby sista lookin' cute after the meet. {3} Barbie and me. {4} Pretty red flags.

Baby sista broke some school records at her track meet this week.
She does the 4x100, the 100, and the long jump --
last meet she jumped 9'7," which broke the school record and got a free Gatorade.
This week she jumped 11'1."
Needless to say she got another Gatorade, and
now all her friends want to long jump too.
I'm pretty sure she has wings.
Here's to my cutie little track star sister!

And she's a beauty.



  1. GOOOOOOO CADY! And she looks beautiful!!!

  2. love your hat and these photos. krystle's right, she does look beautiful.