The sun came out to play.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

After a rough morning I found this text message waiting for me,
"Just got us a picnic blanket."
Boy oh boy was that what the doctor ordered. 

Our new blanket. Yes we are THAT couple. That takes pictures of themselves. 

Cardi: Nordstrom forever ago, Shirt: Old Navy 6.50 Dress: Handed Down Free!
Don't mind my pasty white legs... you will be seeing a lot of them all summer. 

He's very cute. Yay. 

We spent the day soaking up the sun and doing a little reading. 
Ah the simple joys in life. 


  1. Totally jealous of the picnic blanket. Remember when I should have bought that one from Urban??

  2. awwww! this is adorable. i love your love. and i also love your dress! so perfect for a picnic!! <3

  3. You two? Too cute. {don't even get me started on the picnic blanket.}