Book Review: "The Help"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harley did her first book review--she's ahead of the game. I finished this a few weeks ago, so here's my review.

The Help
By Kathryn Stockett

Plot: It takes place in the south around the early 60s when blacks were still being treated unfairly. The black women worked practically as servants for white women and did everything from raising the children to polishing and counting the silver every day. One white woman {a journalist--I loved her} decides she's seen enough of the injustice and starts writing a book from the perspectives of all these black maids in her town to expose the cruel ways of many of the white women.

My take: I don't think I can say anything negative about it. It was engaging from the first and had me on the edge of my seat and my heart pounding the entire second half. The story is fast paced and switches every few chapters between points of view of both the black and white women. I loved the characters. They're all so well developed and intriguing in their own little lives.

There's everything I love in a good novel: romance, mystery, and unexpected twisties.

I loved it. I loved it too much. I highly highly highly recommend it, so hurry and read it before the movie comes out this summer!
Five stars for sure.



  1. I LOVED it! I am so happy you told me you were reading it and I finally checked it out. All I did last week was read, instead of doing any homework. It was awesome- and funny!

  2. Ummm just watched the tailer. I need to read this! Jane... can I borrow it?

  3. i love this book too!! favorite. when do you leave for belize?!

  4. I leave June 8th. Will you save a little bit of the Burlesque polish for me? Haha ;)

  5. I just ordered this book from amazon. Can't wait to get it and delve in. Sounds like just what I need to get out of my non book reading funk. ;)