Random Facts at 11:56 at night.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

#1: I love drinking ice cold water after I brush my teeth.
#2: I would so much rather shower than wash my face.
#3: I bought my wedding dress today.
#4: I have two pairs of glasses. Both pairs are brown.
#5: My middle name is Dawn.
#6: One time I ran into the door frame. It made me to dorp my phone in the toilet. It still works.
#7: Sometimes I read someones whole blog and never leave a comment.
#8: Yoga pants are my favorite clothing item.
#9: Well.. yoga pants and baggy t-shirts. Oh 80s how I miss thee.
#10: Sometimes I pretend that I don't hear people say my name the first time just so I can hear them say it again.
#11: I want some pink lipstick.
#12: I watched the entire 2 hour premier of "The Voice" last night.
#13: I ask my Fiance to send me love notes.
#14: I like to paint with Crayola water colors and lined notebook paper.
#15: Getting mail is my favorite. Even Bills.
#16: My brother left me yesterday for two years.
#17: I have a goal not to spend any money on clothes for a month. Fabric purchases don't count.
#18: My cat follows me around. Her name is Emma. Like a person.
#19: I want to cut off all my hair.
#20: I have read three books in the last 3 days.


  1. The advice everyone gave me in the months leading up to the wedding: DON'T cut your hair till after the wedding. I listened, and I'm glad.

  2. I do #7, #8 and #9 oh and I have also dropped my phone in the toilet, but unfortunately it did not work after. I have tried to do #17 several times and always FAIL! and I agree do not cut your hair until AFTER the wedding!

  3. Hello, yr blog is great! Follow each??

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, hope you are interested to join XD


  4. That's so exciting that you bought your wedding dress. You like getting bills in the mail!!! WHAT!
    Do not cut your hair. What books have you read and were they good?

    Method Clothe

  5. i love yoga pants!! best invention ever.

  6. OK OK OK guys. I won't cut my hair hahha.

    Books that I have read:

    Ender's Game.

    Be looking for the reviews as soon as I write them :)
    I'll do it soon. Promise. hahah.

    Brenda- We are like the same person.

  7. Um, why haven't I seen the wedding dress picture? Which one did you decide on? TEXT/FB ME A PICTURE. :]