Friday, April 1, 2011

Once upon a time Jane and I were going to do a 30x30. YOU KNOW. The cool fashion blogger thing to do. Then we remembered that around this time of year...Utah likes to play games with your mind. Making it VERY difficult to get dressed in the morning. How do you prepare for a day that goes from 30 to 60 degrees in 4 hours flat? It's a struggle I tell you. A struggle.

On the upside! We are SOOOOOOO excited for this weekend. For what reasons may you ask??

1. I get to see a special somebody.
2. It's General Conference! It is like the super bowl of church for Mormons. And it's awesome.
3. Jane and I get to have a craft day with this lady. She is kind of the greatest. She is about to open her own etsy shop. I am sensing a give away. Can you feel it? Can YOU?!
4. We are having a mini little breakfast party on Saturday morning. Yummmmmm.
5. Only 1 full week of school left!

Are you excited for the weekend?
If you are, please send us your weekend highlights. We want to hear them.

P.S. Please forgive H&J. Friday kind of snuck up on us this week. Which is awesome, but also means that Lovely Friday will have to come tomorrow.
{that means goodbye in german}


  1. Okay Harley I am going to officially beat you up! You saw me and you didn't say hi?! That makes me doubly self conscious about how bad I suck at Zumba:) Hope you liked my fashion statement of spandex know I'm so hip and all...


  2. I'm in love with that green dress. So gorgeous!! Just found your cute blog. Newest follower :)

  3. we are so glad you like it and are veryyyyyyyy happy to have you :)