It would appear.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You can only be a blogger if

1. you have bangs
2. you have a husband that takes fantastical amazing photos and he doesn't even try
3. you find only cool things at thrift stores
4. the cool things you find at thrift stores don't smell
5. you name your children hipster names
6. you buy fake glasses and wear them. all. the. time.
7. you are SO in love with someone else that you can't even contain yourself
8. you do 9 giveaways everyday
9. you have successfully completed your 30 for 30
10. you take pictures of food more often than your extended family
11. you wear belts over everything. dresses. sweaters. t-shirts. coats. as headbands. basically everything.

As it turns out. We probably shouldn't be bloggers. We don't have bangs. or husbands. or children. or significant others. or giveaways. or people giving us free stuff.

too bad we like it.


  1. Haha. Thanks for providing my morning giggle.

  2. Haha. Agreed.
    Although if bangs didn't make me look like a dead animal, I would probably sport a pair.

  3. Haha! Love this! And I probably shouldn't blog either b/c I have none of those things... except MAYBE number 7 but I think I do a pretty good job containing myself on the blog. But maybe that's why I am not as popular as others?

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  5. Hahaha! That is an amazing list, and sooo true!! :) And I'm glad yall don't let it stop yall, because yall's blog is totally cute!! I probably shouldn't blog either.. because I only fit the contents of 1. and that's a stretch..mine are almost all the way grown out!

  6. Haha! So true. No worries, I don't have any of those either...except some form of bangs :) but I love your blog and I don't think you need those things to make it as a blogger.

  7. This has got to be the best post EVER!!!! I love it. If this were the criteria for blogging I'd say all I have going for me in number
    5. My kids names are Breckin and Ellary.

  8. Hahaha!! That was AWESOME! I'm glad there are others who don't fit "the mold".

  9. I like how this, with the exception of naming a baby a hipster name, the exact description of the daybook. haha. I love that blog! But I don't think these are true, anyone can blog! That's the beauty of blogging.

  10. hahaha. i love this. i love it with all my heart.

  11. *Love* this post! I don't have ANY of those things! Does that mean I should delete my blog and leave it to the "professionals"? :)

  12. lieslieslies.

    5. finnigan.

    enough said.

  13. I don't even wear belts that much and my friend's husband started making fun of us. He's like your slogan should be "put a belt on it". Haha This list is ah-mazing!

  14. I just read the part two to this and it's pretty much hilarious.