Good think I A L W A Y S do a 360 in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

See Harley's lovely bracelet? And my pretty pendant? We made those with our adorable Vienna friend, Breanna. She's lovely, crafty, and one of the sweetest people we know. Go take a peek at her inspiring blog!



Hello, It's Jane. {Harley is better at posting photos, which is why I keep writing under in her posts. At times like this--she posts, I write.}

We like Awkward & Awesome, but let's face it. Everyone really just wants to read the Awkwards. So. Here's a week of 'em.

A Week of Awkward
-I came *this close* to walking out of the WC with my dress caught in my slip. That would have made my #1 most embarrassing moment.
-I misunderstood my professor when he said the box of cupcakes were for the guest speaker--and not us students apparently.
-My lunch was the source when someone said, "What's that smell? It's really strong..." Come on people, have you never smelled fajitas before?!
-When someone calls you, and they're so sure they have the right number. Are you sure this isn't Jessie's phone? Yup...Pretty sure. And then they hang up without another word. Happened 3 times this week.
-Boy walking past talking on a cell phone about the lady doctor. I have no idea why, but I felt seriously uncomfortable. It better be his wife's lady doctor, and that is all I am going to say about that. {From H.}
-Making eye contact with other people in the bathroom through the mirror. Try it. Or don't.
-Trying to covertly film people for a class video. When they catch you... they give some not so nice looks. {From H.}
-Boys in aerobics classes. I'm sorry. That makes me sexist, but I don't care. {From H.}
-I tried to flirt with the man behind the counter in the jewelry store in the mall, but how can that be successful when it appears as though I'm in there looking at engagement rings??
-Harley said something unmentionable about the girls a bit too loud and an innocent boy heard it all. Oops.


P.S. I want to be a hippie. I wrote about it last night in my journal, and today Harley told me I was one. Couldn't have been a more perfect compliment.


  1. You two are absolutely adorable. And I am LONG overdue for posting a comment, since I have been stalking your blog since well... the beginning.

    Anytime you ladies want to get together and be super crafty again, I am totally in. :)

  2. I have that dress thing Jane is wearing but it has been far too long since I have worn it. I think I shall wear it sometime soon.