Thrifting is an art.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today we are sharing some thrifty tips from this fancy lady. She thrifts. She blogs. She Crafts. And she does it all so very well. 


1. Be purposeful.
Don't go to the thrift store just thinking something will hit you over the face and yell at you to take it home. Everything in thrift stores looks like use clothes, so in order to find things you like before you go make a list, a specific list and then as you look at things go through your list.
2. Don't let the mass overwhelm you.
Thrift stores are really really big and when you're first learning to thrift store shop in can seem overwhelming. Instead of trying to take on the whole entire thousans of racks pick something specific you want to look at like dresses, belts or shoes. This can kinda ease you into thrift store shopping and still allow you to look in depth.
3. Look for quality
Something may be cute but if it has nasty armpit stains or a snag in it you're not going to like how it looks on you. Make sure it doesn't look worn and also look at the brand and material to make sure you're getting a quality item.
4. Look for timelessness
There have been times where I come home with a bright yellow poncho and think, "what the heck was I thinking?" Things will always be tempting at the thrift store because their so cheap but don't buy it just because it's cheap. Make sure it's something that is classic and is still and will be in style for a long time.
5. Wear your comfies
You'll be changing in and out of your clothes A TON so make sure you wear something that's comfy an easy to slip in and out of. I know it sounds dumb but my experiences are totally different when I'm comfy, my usual is a pair of flats, some jeggings and a comfy t shirt.
6. Call your thrift store!
There are some days that thrift stores specifically put out new items. To avoid having a picked over store just give them a call and ask them when they restock!
7. Don't get discouraged!
There have been times where I leave the thrift store completely empty handed and others when I leave with pure gold. If you don't find something when you go don't let it get you down, it's totally normal. Go get yourself an ice cream cone to cheer ya up and get back in the game!

You can check out Sarah's blog here.
May I suggest thrifting for a FHE activity??
Have a wonderful day :)


  1. that is a good idea for an FHE activity!

  2. Okay so I am the activites chair in my singles branch... and I love this!!!! OMGoodness I hope you dont mind if I totally copy this idea.

  3. Brit! Steal steal steal away. :D