Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When I am just sitting alone. I think about my family. 
And about how much I miss them. 
And how in High School I didn't really understand that they were 
the most important thing. 
And how long it has been since I got to spend time with them. Real time. 
Enough time to get annoyed at stupid things. 

I start thinking about.. 
How long it has been since my mom cooked me a meal.  
How long it has been since my brother and I have had a decent conversation
 face to face. 
How long ago  it was that my mother and I stayed up late watching movies. 
How long ago it was that my little sister gave me fashion advice. 

I crave it. I need it. I need that western washington breeze to blow over my face. 
I miss the constant rain. I miss the house I grew up in. I miss the trees. 
The daffodils and tulips. 
I need to be home so I can stay young and protected from this world. 
I don't want to grow up. 


  1. OOO I so agree. Growing up sounds horrible, but it seems to slip in at night when you are sleeping and it unfortunatly just dosen't go away when you wake up.
    But I know how you feel ... its hard to be away from those you love.

  2. Tearing up right now! Love you sis!