Ramblings About a Love Affair

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have a love affair with food.
And we all know love affairs aren't typically the healthiest kind of relationship, no?

Perhaps I shouldn't spill my deeper thoughts about food, but then again, maybe someone can relate. I think about it all the time; I'm always thinking about what delicious thing I'll eat next; I crave some things constantly. Sunday journal reflections all too often turn into a list of things I want to eat {as I sit in church with a growling stomach}.

Silly tummy.

One sunny, sparkly afternoon Harley and I were on the beach in Italy. It was perfectly perfect, and naturally, we fell asleep. I, however, napped rather fitfully. I couldn't fall asleep because all I really wanted to do, was eat. More specifically, eat margherita pizza from the charming little restaurant a stone's throw from where I was.

It's kind of a terrible picture, but I needed to put a tribute to the reason I came home a few pounds more.
Here's to you, Italian pizza. Infinite xoxo's.
Of course, how can anyone blame me? I was in Italy for the love of carbs. No one can help dreaming about the irresistible, thin-crusted loveliness.

But what about now? No justification for dreaming of food.

Therefore, this sugar fast is good for me, I believe. Teaching me a bit of self restraint.

And there are my food rambles for the day.

P.S. This week I've been craving...chocolate walnut pie, English muffin toast with raspberry jam, peanut butter, the bread from Carrabba's, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon Chex, oatmeal cake, my mama's brownies, and...pizza. Always pizza.


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