How we became Harley and Jane {Part II}

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I commence with {part second} of H&J -- how we specifically became Harley and Jane. See {part first} here.

As a reminder, this took place in Vienna.

It's simple. Someone asked her name. She told them, but they thought she said "Carly." The person repeated it back to her, and she heard "Harley."

Neither was correct, but a little spark was lit when "Harley" rolled off her tongue.

The possibilities, we thought.

Day after day we walked through the humid streets of Vienna -- to school, to H&M, to this museum, to that museum, to tai chi in the park -- and so often we passed by a poster for an exhibit called "Schlafende Schonnheit," or Sleeping Beauty.

This was the poster:

Painting by Lord Frederic Leighton.
Maybe someday we can use her as inspiration for a photoshoot?

She's breathtaking, no? She's Flaming June, but all summer we thought her name was Flaming Jane. She has fiery red hair, I have fiery red hair and that's the connection. It was Harley's idea to call me Jane.

Later we found out she's actually June, but oh well. Magical, nonetheless.

Flaming Jane.


  1. I do love that painting. To recreate that dress for modern day would take a lot of fabric.

  2. Please grow your hair out for that shoot! :)