Countdowns and Other Numbers

Monday, March 28, 2011

This numbers post is inspired by Kara of Not a Couples Blog {go say hi; she's fantastic and we were best friends in 2nd grade}.

$16 on gas for the Prius to get to Provo, which is lovely compared to the $35 I normally pay for the other car.
Summer break in 12 days.
3 G I A N T strawberries in my lunch today.
Another 30 days of no sugar for H and me {p.s. how did you do?}.
I'm 61% Lover on the KWML test. What are you?
I took a 1 hour nap this morning after only getting 5 hours of sleep.
Not looking forward to doing 15 interviews for my investigative reporting class.
Next weekend is only 4 days away.
18 books to finish before I turn 21.
It's been 242 days since our last day of class in Vienna.
There are 14 tabs open on my internet browser right now.
Harley spent ? dollars on a F A B U L O U S pair of heels last night.
I register for senior year classes in 32 hours.
Only 2 semesters of college left.



  1. thats such a cute idea! I'll have to try that sometime!