Being a journalist has its perks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Caitlin and I are editors for BYU's Daily Universe, so we were hooked up with all-access passes and freedom in the EnergySolutions arena to write about the college intern experience Bon Jovi offers during concert tour.
There were 12 of us; the others in various media arts and communications majors. We wandered around all day, simply to get a look inside concert production from beginning to end.

Our article will be in the paper tomorrow and a link will be posted, if any of you would care to read it!

This is Caitlin and I
with our backstage passes {see below for big blue square sticker on my jeans}.

Ignore the goofy face I seem to be sporting.
Accidents happen.

This was possibly the cherry on top. Exclusive interview {due to our own journalistic pushiness and curiosity} with the band opening for Bon Jovi.

Meet Ryan Star.
r e a l l i f e
I'm smiling as I write--we're still starstruck.
Can you blame us?

This my attempt at the rocker expression, but I'm about to explode in a fit of giggles it would appear.
We're actually up on stage--five feet from Bon Jovi's guitars and drums.
It was a beautiful thing, lovelies.

Right before the concert.
I left mostly deaf,
but that's the price one must pay for something so cool, no?

All photos taken by Luke Hansen.


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