april- i loved ya!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1. Michael finally came home from NC
2. JANE JANE JANE came to Chicago.
3. M and I went on a little trip to Charleston.
4. One of my bestest friends in the whole world has a baby.
5. Jennifer A. came to visit me in Chicago!
6. I was brave and I am taking control of my career.
7. Orlando and sun. I'm the teeniest bit tan.
8. Apartment shopping.
9. 5am workouts with some lovely ladies.
10. A bike ride down lakeshore drive.
11. Jane and I saw Peter and the Star Catcher, a play about Peter. Peta' Pan!

Life is good y'all. Real good.
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  1. It definitely looks like life's been good to you. Cheers for a happy May!

  2. oh gosh those top middle donuts look like the best
    some girl - a diary.

  3. Oh man, sounds like an amazing month for you!! :D love these pics :)

  4. Absolutely loving these instagram shots! Just lovely :)
    xo TJ