michael comes to chicago

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Michael came to visit and what a glorious weekend it was. Our favorite hobbies come boiling to the surface when we are under pressure and only have a limited amount of time together- they are eating, sleeping, and watching movies. Original eh? But that's just what we like and perhaps we will be more adventurous this summer and go do something outside, but for right now all we need is take out from Five Guys and a movie to watch. Content we are.

This weekend we had a talk- that boy and me- and in that moment I found it just so incredible that he has chosen to love me. To support me. To believe in me. I have known that he loves me, but this weekend I felt it more than I ever have before. I can't believe how much my happiness matters to him. How me feeling full is important to him. I just feel really lucky.

Our marriage isn't perfect and there are parts that are a little messy, but life is a little messy and I would rather be a mess next to him than anyone else.

Sushi from Macku and pie from Bang Bang Pie.


  1. Awwww. So glad you had a good weekend together! And I love love Bang Bang Pie. Love. it.

  2. Yayyyy! This makes my heart happy.

  3. you two are the cutest! love your blog!

  4. love this. you two are sweet. btw, where did you get your glasses from??? I love them.