him & her | living apart edition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Him: Eats out
Her: Eats like a rabbit

Him: Reads more
Her: Reads more

Him: North Carolina breeze
Her: Chicago wind chill

Him: Candy
Her: Crackers and cheese

Him: Clean-ish
Her: Cleaner

Him: Doesn't mind the extra chores
Her: Hates doing the dishes 

Him: Daily foosball champion
Her: Daily journaling 

Him: True Detective
Her: True Detective 

Him: Cisco
Her: Leo Burnett

Him: Ford
Her: Honda

Him: Letters
Her: Packages 

Him: Running & weights
Her: Yoga & the elliptical 

Him: Pizza & BBQ
Her: Sushi
Harley & Jane


  1. Loved this! I can totally relate.. My husband has always been the cleaner of everything. Dishes, laundry, you name it.. With him being away, I have to do everything! It's been a hard adjustment. Can't wait to be back with me hubby!

  2. love this!! we have adopted the him&her to a months edition!! ow.ly/yZTqJ :)