simple ways to address envelopes

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letters are my favorite way to express love. There is something special about a tangible manifestation of your affection that just speaks volumes more than a text or email. Below are just a few simple ways to make your envelope stand out. 

1. Enlarge the name - instead of making all your type the same size, why not make the name larger than everything else?
2. Use different fonts - try writing some lines in cursive and others in print.
3. Decorate the envelope with Washi tape.
4. Use stamps - you can use an ampersand stamp to address to two people or a date stamp to record the date you send the letter.
5. Space out the numbers in the zip code. You could even put dots, asterisks or little hearts in between each number.

What are your favorite ways to address envelopes?

xo, harley


  1. Love this idea! I'm sharing this post on twitter.

  2. I love addressing mail creatively like this! So pretty.

  3. Hey I live in Provo too haha. I agree with you though. I love writing letter. I love getting them, too! I feel like I need more people to write to though, ya know? I think I'm going to start writing my husband a letter for every birthday/valentines/anniversary/christmas, cause then when we're old it will be like, the cutest thing that someone will take a picture of, caption, and post on facebook, haha. Thanks for the ideas of how to make them cuter!


  4. That's really cute. :) I made some stationary where I painted a mountain landscape at the top, but that's the most I've done.

  5. These are lovely! I wish my handwriting was as pretty as yours!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. this is such a great idea. The beauty of addressing of an envelope...I will have to do this next time!

  7. How fun! Love the way these are decorated :)
    xo TJ

  8. your hand writing is beautiful. i write letters often so will definitely be using these gem ideas.

  9. Yay! These ideas came just in time! Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh, these ideas are just so cute, thanks so much! This is my first time here but I really like your blog :) S x

  11. Ouu I love these!!! What great ideas!

  12. These look so lovely! I send letters all the time but I never think much about the addresses. I'll have to spice them up a little after reading this.